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CyberSelp Incorporation is a Tech based systems development and marketing consultancy company

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We believe in providing innovative solutions to all kinds of problems your company or organization faces. We believe in teamwork and customer satisfaction

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To become Africa's premier digital marketing and solution provider by 2025

Our goal is to be a globally recognized and indisputable IT solutions company. We have a clear vision of providing good standards for everything we do. To achieve this, we are doing our best to build a disciplined and supportive culture through business etiquette that encourages and empowers all members.

Enhancing Solutions

We aim to be at the forefront of developing innovative and high-quality systems that aid in the best marketing practices. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best service they need to effectively grow their business.

Our Team Skills

Some of the essential skills we possess as a team

Problem Solving Capabilities

Critical Thinking & Innovation

Customer Service


We focus on

Mobile App Development

Development of cross platform applications

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Web Based System Development

We develop custom based web applications

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Chatbot Development

We develop custom based chatbots for Social media platforms the likes of WhatsApp.

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Domain Registration & Hosting Service

We provide the cheapest and most efficient hosting services

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Digital Marketing

Developing online based marketing services

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Brand Voice Development & Management

Developing your brand 's style of communication

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Market Research and Analysis

Gathering information about consumers' needs and preferences

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Ad Development

That increases sales and brand positioning

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Our System Development Process

Our development and operations procedures are well suited to creating world-class web-based and mobile-based solutions for your business.

Idea Generation

Depending on the complexity of the project, this step usually takes about a week.


Planning & Resource Mobilization

At this stage, we mobilize the necessary resources and divide the project into small tasks, which are then assigned to our team members.


Development & Testing

This is where the initial development, testing, and monitoring of the system takes place.


Why Digital Transformation for your Business

The pace of digital transformation is accelerating, making it very difficult for companies to maintain their position as industry leaders, requiring the acceleration of new digital solutions entering the market.
Therefore, digital transformation helps businesses to face the future and keep up with changing customer needs in order to survive.

Four vital pillars of Digital Transformation




Organizational Change Capabilities

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